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We started our company with extensive knowledge in three specific markets that we have each lived and breathed for over thirty years.  We understand that as a food purchaser in your market segment, you are faced with challenges that are unique to your organization and not addressed by typical food service distributors.  Together, Tony, Michele, and Maureen combine our expertise to help you take advantage of our market knowledge and save money - procuring necessary items in the quantities you need to operate within budget.   We consider ourselves your personal shoppers, working with you side by side, helping you to achieve your goals;  financial, nutritional and otherwise.  We'd love to be a part of your team!


Only the Best

Finding high nutrition, low cost foods for our non-profit customers is one of our primary objectives and whether you're a food bank, a food pantry, a soup kitchen, or any type of food distribution service we're here to make you successful.  We have connections with food manufacturers nationwide who want their discounted products to go straight to you.  They trust us to be their connection to you, knowing the food we purchase is going straight into your hands at as minimal cost as possible.  We understand that though all food banks have the same mission, each approach can be slightly different and we take the time to understand your unique purchasing needs.  We ship 1-2 pallets to our customers all the time and are happy to bring big savings to smaller organizations.  But we ship full truckloads too!  It's all up to you and how you choose to spend your purchasing dollars with consideration to budget and space.  We'd love to work with you to tackle the growing challenge of food insecurity in our country.  Let's make a difference together!

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Low Cost Balanced Meals

Our correctional customers have unique needs indeed! We know we need to consider a variety of aspects when helping you make purchases, from safety issues to nutritional and religious requirements, as well. We've been working with correctional institutions for a long time and you have taught us well!  We would love to be the ones you count on for all the time low prices, special requests, and especially "Special Buy" opportunities, certain to be a budget buster to your bottom line.  We're here to make you successful and we'd be honored to partner with you.

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Nutrition Focused

Needing to stay within a tight purchasing budget, but still have to adhere to certain quality and nutritional standards? We're here to make you a hero.  With our collective 90+ years in the specialty food service industry, we know how to bring you the perfect balance of quality and affordability.  We will help you purchase food service items to prepare in your kitchens with small enough minimums for you to comfortably manage.  We also are able to provide individually wrapped and small, retail items as needed to satisfy other needs.

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Quick Ship Variety

In unexpected, emergency situations, our customers require immediate access to affordable, nutritious items, FAST!  The Food Exchange is your partner for the quick shipments you need to provide to your caregivers and the community they're serving.  Additionally we carry blankets, water bottles, flashlights, gloves, cleaning supplies and personal care items such as diapers, infant formula and more.  We understand the variety and nutrition requirements you uphold for your programs and are the partner to count on when time is of the essence.

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