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The single, fastest way to extend your budget and have more dollars to purchase the food you need. The more flexibility you have in your menu, the easier it is to start saving money with Special Buys. Requires a quick purchasing decision, but don't worry, we're armed with all the deals you need.

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Count on these items always being available for you to purchase. We've partnered with manufacturers who understand the unique purchasing needs of your market and want to provide you with solutions. The foundation of your meals - priced right!

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Our full line of food service products gives you choices to select the items best for your population. The right balance of Line items and Special buys allows you to stay within budget and still provide a menu with the quality and variety you can be proud of. 

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With more and more families becoming dependent on their local food banks, you need to extend your purchasing dollars as much as possible. Partnering with us gives you access to the low budget lines of major manufacturers without compromising the quality or nutrition standards of your organization. Let us share with you the good deals out there in the marketplace and let's feed more families!

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