The Beginning

      The Food Exchange is the collaboration of Tony, Maureen, and Michele who dreamed of a company where the customer experience is valued beyond all else. Prior to this, we worked together for nearly twenty years in the specialty food industry and have been able to combine our collective experience, energy, and friendship to form The Food Exchange.  Our partnership is rewarding because we are doing what we love - and for amazing customers we feel so honored to work with. Our customers trust their purchases with us because they know we understand their requirements and challenges and because we're passionate to make them successful.  We have learned through a combined 80 plus years in this industry that bigger does not always equal better and can often result in customers realizing higher costs, less attention, and faulty service. Instead, we are lean and nimble, giving us the ability to be your personal shoppers, whether your needs are large, small, common, or a bit quirky. We hope our company will be one you come to count on for integrity, quality and savings.

How We Help

      We're simple! We are a unique food distributor specializing in markets not commonly serviced by traditional broad line distributors.  In our previous years together, we developed long term relationships with manufacturers built on results and integrity which we now pass on to our customers. The saving opportunities we make available to you are a result of our years in the industry and the close relationships we developed.  We are currently offering our customers savings through Special Buy opportunities as well as Line Items priced below market and available all the time. Whether you purchase in single pallet quantities or in truckloads, we would love to partner with you to meet your feeding needs.  We all have a job to do and ours is to make your food purchasing decisions quick, easy, and efficient.